Custom Stained Glass
By Jack Hurley

Custom Stained Glass By Jack Hurley
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Installing a Stained Glass WindowInstalling a Stained Glass Window

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Consultation, Restoration and Design Services

Custom Stained Glass is a full service stained glass studio. We have over 50 years of combined experience in all facets of stained glass design and restoration.  We have experience locally, nationally and internationally in providing stained glass restoration services for historically significant churches.  Additionally we have done repair and restoration for private residences and commercial properties throughout the New England area.

We also provide the highest quality stained glass design services.  Because of our years of our experience working with both modern and antique stained glass we have the skills necessary to bring to life any stained glass design you can envision.

Our skilled designers have had years of hands on experience developing designs for a wide array of locations.  We have developed successful designs for commercial facilities, restaurants and various churches throughout the New England area as well as internationally.

Sand Blast and Acid Etching for Windows and Mirrors

Sandblasting and acid-etching glass are two methods of applying an image, message or design into a glass surface.  The process involves using either acid or sandblasting as an abrasive to create a texture on the glass.  Using techniques we can mask off certain areas of the glass or mirror to control what areas of the glass are textured.  The end result is a pattern etched into the glass.  Custom Stained Glass will work with you to design a pattern or image for your project. Or if you have a design already picked out our skilled artisans will take that and adapt it to your project.

Whether your project is commercial, residential or ecclesiastic our studio has the experience, knowledge and skill to expertly fulfill your project.  We can do jobs of any size or budget, if you have an idea for something special, please feel free to contact us and we will start the process.

Medieval Painting and Staining Techniques

Much of the glass painting and staining techniques we use today at Custom Stained Glass come from the early medieval glass and metal workers.  Many of these techniques are described by the 12th century Benedictine monk Theophilus. Much of what we know today about stained glass techniques comes from his writings. An artist and metalworker himself, Theophilus described in his text, On Diverse Arts, how he carefully studied glaziers and glass painters at work in order to provide detailed directions for creating windows of "inestimable beauty.

These very same techniques form the foundation from which we create our stained glass windows today at Custom Stained Glass.  The same attention to detail, respect for traditions and love of the craft that inspired the early craftsmen are what drive us hear at Custom Stained Glass.

We also buy old lamps and windows

Have you just moved and need to dispose of any old lamps, or maybe refurbished your house and need to off load old windows? Stop buy our studio at 822 Washington St, South Easton MA we may be interested in buying any old lamps or windows you no longer need. 

For any questions just contact Jack Hurley at (508)238-0386.

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